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Cement Sand Bricks


Cement Sand Bricks


A type of brick made from a mixture of cement and sand, molded under pressure and cured under steam

Cement bricks apply fly ash, coal cinder, coal gangue, slag, chemical residue or natural sand, mud as raw material and cement as coagulant, without high temperature then forming new type wall material.

The advantages of cement bricks as follow:

  • Obvious economic profile

The production cost and market price will change with the raw material and other cost.

  • Mature production technology

The forming of bricks apply to high pressure, so the products are of high density, low water absorption, high strength and good freezing resistance. And they are widely used in different construction of cities.

  • Low production cost

Adding more than 80% powder, waste rock or construction waste in Eco-friendly cement bricks can reduce the quantity and cost of other raw material. At the same time, the productions of Eco-friendly cement bricks are eligible for exemption from duty and tax.

  • Widely usage

For its advantages, the cement bricks have widely used in garden, residential areas, schools, factories, sidewalks and square.

  • Low investment and putting into production with short time

It is easy to set up a whole production line, including plant layout, equipment installation, operators training and production. It is because of the relatively simple manufacturing process of cement bricks.

Commonly Use For

  • Residential Development
  • Railway Development
  • Drain Development

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